Power transmission "RAPPLON" belts

Power transmission “RAPPLON” belts are made with high quality materials.

A safe power transmision is guaranteed due to their strength and flexibility.

Practically they don’t stretch, and hold the initial tension assembling. Only in exceptional cases they need to be tautened again.

Due to their high resistance they can be so thin, so they are suitable for small diameter pulleys.

The power transmission “RAPPLON” belts are antistatic to avoid the static charges accumulation.

They have the appropiate covered for each application (for example, synthetic rubber, fabric, polyurethane, etc). They are heat and abrasion resistant, and have an optimum friction coefficient. Power transmission “RAPPLON” belts help (depending on the size), to deaden noise.

Owing to theese qualities we obtain a long life of the belt, and an impeccable power transmission working with a great precision of revolutions. Leather plies in chromo are used for working and exposed to dust or lubricant dirtiness.

Power transmission “RAPPLON” belts are reliable and safety assembled, due to an endless joint systems with precise and practical sets.

They don’t need maintenance, even in installations under great efforts.

The simply treatment with “RAPPLON” belts aerosol increases the duration of the plane belts with leather in chromo ply.

Summing up, with theese belts we can can obtain the next advantages:

  1. Safe power transmission.
  2. Great precision in the revolution numbers.
  3. Excellent dragging features.
  4. Long life of the belt.
  5. Permanent antistatic.
  6. Strong tread surfaces.
  7. Small diameter pulleys.

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